In the not-so-distant future, artificial intelligence and robots will take care of routine tasks. Factories will be full of robots, cars will drive autonomously and software will take care of many office tasks. Most observers expect humans to be replaced by robots and imagine a future with billions of unemployed people. These pessimists even propose new welfare systems to take care of these unfortunate humans.

In reality, there is absolutely no proof with regard to the negative impact of technology on human employment. On the contrary, human history is full of examples of technology creating new job opportunities. Looking back…

All great truths begin as blasphemies

Censors are a bigger threat to humanity than extremists, as they undermine the system from within. Democracies can’t survive without free speech and human progress depends on controversial ideas. Unfortunately, humanity seems to have forgotten this lesson and authoritarian instincts have been resurfacing.There is a worrying tendency towards silencing people instead of making them accountable for what they say. Every month, millions of social media posts and comments are deleted without any transparency. We owe it to the next generations to fight for the freedom of speech just as our ancestors once did for us.

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Social media has become an important source of news

Traditional media sources have experienced…

Very good points. Freedom of speech is vital for human progress and democracies. Therefore increased censorship can actually be more dangerous than letting extremists trying to spread their poison.

I don't think learning is a privilege. I guess you want to help disadvantaged people, but this is elitist thinking. Everyone can learn and create. It's not only STEM Jobs that we need but also many creative and human jobs. I find it very unfortunate that instead of investing in people's learning you want to make them dependent on charity. You have given up on them already. Sorry, I am not willing to look down on my fellow humans and treat them like inferior beings that need to be taken care of, until the end of times. Instead I will do everything in my power to help them learn and create.

Your words reflect your passion for helping humanity which I applaud and share. However we differ when it comes to solutions. Your example of the Kenyan village actually confirms my point that there are no real UBI implementations. These villages are not representative of the whole country, instead they are selected because of their poverty. The whole thing is financed by a charity and limited with 12 years. When pharma companies select their small samples they make sure that it is representable. To make this a real UBI test you would need to take a random sample of Kenyans and…

Attila Ilman

PhD. in innovation management. Tech executive. Startup founder. Based in Zurich, Switzerland.

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